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FarApp offers these benefits:

  • Return-Before-Investment delivery
  • Low-cost, high-end functionality
  • Customized software solutions
  • Integration with your existing business system
  • A commitment to meet your needs

To tell us your needs:

Subscribing to the FarApp Services is simple, and places you under no obligation. Subscribing creates an account for FarApp Services, as well as a task list for us to use in getting your service configured. A FarApp account is required for us to start our work, and is the first step in getting set up.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


FarApp subscription fees are $200 per month, payable at the end of each monthly anniversary of your Subscription Date. The Subscription Date doesn't start until you go live, which means we've made any customizations which you require, completed testing, and are live with at least your first feed. There is no long-term contract, you are free to end your subscription at any time without further obligation.

Because FarApp is a "behind-the-scenes" system which requires setup and configuration before it's functional, there isn't much for you to see or do on our site. In fact, most clients only log in to pay their subscription. By signing up now, you start a process that we follow to get your system set up. Our first step will be to contact you to get the details of your requirements, and then to set up our checklist of tasks we need to complete. Basically it's a "hand shake" agreement that you intend to use the FarApp Services for your application, and that we will get you live within an agreed upon time-frame.

If you would rather not set up an account at this time, but would like to find out if the FarApp services would work for you, you may place an inquiry here, and we will e-mail a response to your questions.